Private lessons

Voice, Piano, Songwriting

Music should be fun. As a kid, I can remember countless hours spent learning music I didn't enjoy and even though I loved singing and playing piano, I found myself feeling uninspired. When my dad, a musician himself, began teaching me to play and sing Beatles tunes, everything suddenly clicked! I found myself wanting to sit down at the piano for hours and practice because I just loved the music. I was hooked. As a teacher, I strive to help you learn the music that moves you. Nothing brings me more joy than when I see my students have that "aha!" moment, or when they find themselves playing a song they thought they thought would be outside their abilities. 


Maybe you're looking to start playing or singing for the first time, or maybe you played or sang when you were a kid and would like to start up again. Perhaps you would like to start writing songs, or hone the craft you've already got. Perhaps you've got an audition, or would like to sing a song at a wedding. Whatever the reason may be, I've got you. Let's work together to bring the joy of music to your life! 

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